About CSP Projects

About Our Projects

In keeping with our non-organizational character, the Center itself manifests in the world through the activities and projects of its members.

Projects are activities designed, initiated and executed by our members and approved by the Center, which monitors them for tax, ethical and reporting purposes. Members use projects to manifest their person centered vision in the world through the Center. Projects qualify for non-profit status under the umbrella which CSP provides as a 501.c.3 organization. This allows them to receive tax free donations, and provides a level of support and recognition their work on its own might not receive.

Members develop projects in crucial areas of local, regional, and global need. These include: learning and education, mental and physical health, community development, psychotherapy and counseling, peace and justice, social services, organizational design and development, religion and spirituality, politics and governance. Over the past 50 years projects have made significant difference in areas such as medical education, international peace, conflict resolution in business, journalism and leadership.

These outreaching projects and services are in addition to the individual activities of members and the support provided by our community to person centered practitioners around the world.