Carl Rogers
Annual Conference

Reflecting on our common and unique experiences through these pandemic times

Does a Person Centered Approach make a difference?

September 16 – 19, 2021

The  2021 Carl Rogers Annual Conference will be held on Zoom from September 16 – 19, 2021. Our meeting times – from 6AM to 1PM PST – have been chosen to facilitate attendance from participants from across the globe.  

Our theme is highly relevant to these times…

  • What have been the positive and negative outcomes for you?
  • In what ways have we changed?
  • How has having a person centered approach made a difference?

We invite you to join us to reflect and share our pandemic experiences – past and present. 

In keeping with our successful format from past conferences, our agenda will be a blend of the experiential and  the cognitive, with a mix of large and small group encounter, large group discussions, and presentations by participants on a variety of topics

Stay tuned for more information…

1 review for CSP Conference

  1. Dr Valois Robichaud, PCA, gerontologist.

    I have had that vivid experience, being in relation with colleagues from all around the world. I felt, as if I was with each other, in one to one relation, while using the technology-zoom. I was able to go beyond my fear, and technical hesitation; in fact, I was able to communicate and relate. The human being is an adaptative creature. I believe in his creativity and love for the humanity in which we live and belong.

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