Counseling Sessions with Carl Rogers

Carl Rogers was a world-renown twentieth-century innovator in the practice of psychotherapy, counseling, and communication. His professional reputation is based on his manner of operating and the research he undertook and inspired that demonstrated the efficacy of a practice he called “client-centered therapy.” He emphasized three practices on the part of the psychologist that are the foundation for a therapeutically successful relationship: empathy, congruence, and unconditional positive regard.

The perspective he gained from his work with individual clinical clients led him to new ways of thinking about how scientists and other creative people work, and gave him a vision for his own innovations in learning, group dynamics, and efforts towards inter-group peace. Rogers lived to be eighty-five; in his later years his professional interest was largely occupied by efforts to facilitate and publicize conflict resolution in situations of political and cultural crises. He came to recognize all these efforts in personal and social action as a “person-centered approach.”

In this series of DVD’s released by the Center for Studies of the Person, which was co-founded by Rogers, you can learn from the master as he embodies these approaches in demonstration counseling sessions with volunteer clients before learning audiences.

Each of the interviews is about thirty minutes in length. All are followed by discussion, questions, and commentary.

All are in DVD format.

The therapeutic interviews themselves are in English, subtitled in English, or to translations in Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Korean and Chinese.