CSP Projects

About Our Projects

In keeping with our non-organizational character, the Center itself manifests in the world through the activities and projects of its members.

Projects are activities designed, initiated and executed by our members and approved by the Center, which monitors them for tax, ethical and reporting purposes. Members use projects to manifest their person centered vision in the world through the Center. Projects qualify for non-profit status under the umbrella which CSP provides as a 501.c.3 organization. This allows them to receive tax free donations, and provides a level of support and recognition their work on its own might not receive.

Members develop projects in crucial areas of local, regional, and global need. These include: learning and education, mental and physical health, community development, psychotherapy and counseling, peace and justice, social services, organizational design and development, religion and spirituality, politics and governance. Over the past 50 years projects have made significant difference in areas such as medical education, international peace, conflict resolution in business, journalism and leadership.

These outreaching projects and services are in addition to the individual activities of members and the support provided by our community to person centered practitioners around the world.

Our CSP Projects

CSP Memorial Library

The Library is a public resource. We feature works by Carl R. Rogers, his contemporaries, his students and critics and colleagues, and people who continue in expansion and at least partial reference…

CARL Rogers Interim Conference

The Encounter Group process is central to the way we seek to be with and interact with one another at the Center for Studies of the Person (CSP). Even those familiar with the structure may have questions…

Kids' Workshop

This workshop presented by Barbara and Heather Williams will explore the person centered approach and play therapy. With their own developed philosophy, they build upon the principles of humanistic psychology…

The La Jolla Program

All of us are frequently challenged by issues such as current and hoped-for relationships, careers, job changes, boss or employees, schooling, health, love life, kids’ successes and problems, parents, spirituality, and countless others. 

Person Centered Psychotherapy

Carl R. Rogers developed a profound practice and understanding of psychotherapy. Rogers’ essential insight is that certain qualities of the relationship between therapist and client can be learned and practiced.

Person Centered Integral Education

The PCIE Project’s main goal is to create opportunities for educators interested in both a person-centered approach and an integral approach in education to apply these understandings with both self…

Transformational Communication

The Program for Transformational Community Leadership and Communication has been in existence for over three years. Its initial focus has been on developing leaders in the Latino community in the San Diego area.