Elli Recht

I have always been interested in self-inquiry and self-development. In college I studied Psychology and recently began a Masters program in pursuit of license in Marriage and Family Therapy. I also spent some years in New York City working simultaneously as a musician and as a research assistant at a facility where they provide music therapy and conduct cutting-edge research on the healing effects of music on the brain. In the last few years, yoga-meditation has become a foundation for my personal growth, my sense of faith and well-being, a deeper understanding of life and its meaning, and a greater appreciation for personhood.

I grew up in San Diego never hearing about the Center for Studies of the Person until I read one of Rogers’ books. Participating in my first Encounter Group, I knew I found home—the atmosphere so inviting and warm, the people so present and genuine. I realized that the values embodied by the members were in complete alignment with my own. Inspired, I quickly joined the team. My remarkable experiences with CSP have been healing and educational—in understanding and trusting myself and others, in becoming fearless, and in navigating emotional relationships. I know that what I am learning from this unique and wonderful family will continue to benefit me tremendously in all aspects of my life, as well as those seeking my professional help.

Aside from the serious business of inner work, I enjoy reading, swimming, singing and playing music, visiting with family and friends, and spending time in nature.