Heather Williams

I grew up in a person centered environment and I attended my first Carl Rogers conference when I was little with my mother, Barbara. I loved being at the conference so much that I wanted to live there. I liked being around people from different countries and in the loving environment with authentic, non-judge mental and open people.

My background is in social work, art and photography. I present the Kids’ Workshops™ and Kids’ Workshop Training Programs with my mother Barbara. We also wrote a book together, Wisdom of Children, which can be found on the CSP website and on Amazon.

We feel that children are born with the person centered qualities and with nurturing and a supportive environment these qualities can be brought out and maintained as they grow. The Kids’ Workshop has been shown through quotes from the children that it goes across cultures, that deep down we have these qualities in common. Children are our future and by nurturing these natural qualities within them they can facilitate change in the world.

I want to help children have the freedom that I grew up with. I would like to help people realize the power of giving children freedom, respecting them as people, trusting them, excepting them and letting them be with animals and in nature.