Patrick Howley

Around 1978, I attended both the LaJolla Program and a special seminar for therapists with Rogers, Coulson and Gendlin. Both were life-changing events for me. Four years ago, I became a member of CSP. One of the first things I said in a large group meeting was, “I feel like I am back home!” CSP is home to me. I can BE here.

My work has taken me to schools, businesses, and churches. I have also worked out of my home as a . . . what? A therapist, counselor, facilitator, coach, consultant? None of these words seem to say to me what I do. The words also sometimes seem to mislead others to understand what I do. I guess I am a professional listener because I get paid by others because they seem to like that I do a lot of listening before I say anything or do anything.

Mostly, I work in education because my career and early work experience was in schools working with elementary, middle and high school students. I now “consult”/”coach” a lot with principals. Sometimes I facilitate central office teams or school leadership teams.

I also am a “therapist”/”counselor” with several clients. The opportunity to have clients now in six different states through variations of “facetime” has been very rewarding.

What I love to do is my own variation of “The LaJolla Program” ( I might call it “The Moonstone Project” as we usually hold it near Moonstone beach in Rhode Island). In that personal growth weekend, I integrate the person-centered approach, with the “percept orientation” developed by a person-centered couple, Joyce & John Weir. Also integrated into the weekend are the concepts of personal development best articulated by Ken Wilber. Finally, I provide opportunities to meditate using the mediation paths of Mahamudra (Dan Brown) and Mondo Zen (Junpo Kelly Roshi). After tweaking it for several years the “Moonstone Project” has developed to a point of providing a structure to a very unstructured weekend of intensive growth and self-discovery. And I love it that my wife who is as person-centered as anyone can be, has joined me on this venture!