Kids’ Workshop™

Children have certain qualities from the time they are born

Innovative Ways of Working with Children in a Therapeutic Setting

Taught by master trainers Barbara and Heather Williams.

This workshop provides an overview of how Barbara and Heather use the person centered approach in working with children. They will also describe the Kids’ Workshop™ that they developed. The Kids’ Workshop builds uponthe principles of humanistic psychology, including Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir, and Virginia Axline.


Learn how to nurture a child’s self-esteem.


Ways to help a child express their natural empathy.


Workshop activities help children to express their feelings in a clear way.

August 7th & 8th, 2021

9AM – 12pm PDT

Innate qualities

Children are born with certain qualities when they are born.

Through Nurturance and support

Children can express and keep these qualities.

Experiential work

Children express themselves through activities.

Workshop Description

This workshop presented by Barbara and Heather Williams will explore the person centered approach and play therapy. With their own developed philosophy, they build upon the principles of humanistic psychology developed by Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir, and Virginia Axline. Their work focuses on the deep respect for a child and the child’s wisdom.

Workshop participants will develop ideas and tools that help children to trust and be able to express their feelings and ideas through movement and different play therapy tools. These tools are designed to help children gain self-confidence and resilience. We believe that children are born with the person centered qualities and with nurturing and support they can maintain these qualities throughout life. We have found that these practices go across cultures.

The philosophy and theories of the person centered approach will be discussed and through activities participants will have the opportunity to integrate these ideas. The Kids’ Workshop™ developed by Barbara and Heather Williams will be described as a way of working with children.

The workshop will give you ways to help a child trust you. It will give you tools to be able to use with that child to help them to express themselves and anything that is bothering them and ways to work that out. All of this can be done in a way that the child enjoys and feels secure.


  • Participants will be able to gain knowledge of a person centered approach and philosophy in working with children.
  • Participants will be able to begin integrating the person centered qualities within themselves.
  • Participants will have knowledge of different play therapy tools and they will be able to use them.
  • Participants will be able to identify three different person centered qualities that are helpful in working with children.
  • Participants will have knowledge of what the Kids’ Workshop™ and Kids’ Workshop Training Program is.
  • Participants will be able to discuss ways to encourage children’s natural appreciation of differences.
  • Participants will be able to discuss how they can play a role in helping children to gain and keep high self-confidence and resilience.
  • Participants will have opportunity for more training.

Course Outline

Clarify student and faculty objectives.

Background and philosophy of Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir and Virginia Axline and our own work.

Go through the person centered qualities showing the importance of these qualities in working with children and in play therapy. Examples and activities will be presented for each of these qualities. These activities will be interactive.

The Kids’ Workshop™ and the Kids’ Workshop Training Program will be described.

A 25 minute video will be shown that demonstrates how the person centered qualities and play therapy tools can be used across cultures.

Play therapy tools will be introduced with interactive activities. Paper and markers to draw with will be needed for these activities.

List of other play therapy tools that are helpful and the importance of the environment will be introduced.

A 40 minute PowerPoint will be presented describing our Philosophy and the Kids’ Workshop.

Throughout the workshop there will be time for questions and discussion.

Closing ceremony: Navajo poem, May You Walk in Beauty.

The highest of recommendations from the masters

From American Psychologist Carl Rogers

“I have had extensive contact with Barbara Williams, intensively in workshops and also through considerable correspondence, and I have followed her work carefully. I believe that the workshops conducted by her for young children are a truly innovative idea, and are very helpful in promoting development and personal growth. Young children are especially open to such experiences and profit very much from them. Very positive changes have resulted from this workshop. I see it as something which could be used as a significant preventive measure. “ —- from “ A Way of Being”

When you described your Kids’ Workshops to me, I thought that it could be that way with all children, if everyone knew, felt, and behaved as you do. What you offer children cannot be bought for money. ”
Virginia Satir

An internationally renowned teacher and master therapist and a pioneer in the field of family therapy. She was active in the (American) Association for Humanistic Psychology, founder of the Avanta Network, and cofounder of the Mental Research Institute. She accomplished her groundbreaking work in family therapy, the theory of effective communication. In her later years, she conducted workshops world – wide and worked closely with Native Americans in the Western U.S.A.