Pajaro Group

The Pajaro Group is a collection of practitioners of the Person Centered Approach (PCA) in organizations who meet together and share what we know about the application of Carl Rogers’ work to work and organizations. We focus narrowly on this work that has sometimes been labeled as “Carl Rogers Humanistic Theory” because of its richness. We welcome and invite all who share our interest in the application of PCA in human behavior in work and organizational settings to join us at our meetings. There is no charge for attending and participating, only than bringing your willingness to learn and share with other practitioners who share this interest.

History – The Pajaro Group had its beginnings at the International PCA Forum meeting on the island of Terschelling in The Netherlands. Under the direction of Forum Director, Julius Huisinga, the group met, prepared and delivered a presentation at the next Forum in Greece.

It met next at Pajaro Dunes (whence its name) near Watsonville, California. Thereafter at several locations around the world: Belgium South Africa, Slovakia, St Petersburg, Russia, Italy, Holland, Ako, Japan, La Jolla, California, Atlanta, Georgia, Mexico City, Loreto, BCS, Mexico.

Sessions – We study PCA applications in organizations and explore our personal and professional issues that emerge in our careers.

Meetings – Our next meeting is connected with and will precede the 2016 Carl Rogers Conference on January 28 and 29, 2019. It will be held at the CSP Offices at 1150 Silverado in La Jolla, California.

Project Director – Katy Meadows

For further information contact: Katy Meadows