Person Centered Experience

The Person Centered Experience In The Words Of Some Of Our Members

We can practice expressing ourselves in an authentic and congruent way, and observe the impact on us as others are more or less congruent.

“I don’t have to hold back—I can be and fully express who I am at any moment. I can be who I am, an experience that is very freeing—I am OK. It calls out the best in me—I am expressing the best that I am, and so are others. I can see and appreciate others in their full beauty and richness.”

Jackie Hicks

Executive Director, Education Transformations

“I feel very able to be who I really am—that I can say anything, that I am being who I really am.”

Keynan Hobbs

Clinical Nurse Specialist, PTSD Clinical Team, VA San Diego Healthcare System

“Rogers discovered some things that worked, then I began my own self discovery at that point when I read them. The fun of it is to discover the richness of the Person Centered Approach as it applies in my life. I see it as a beacon and guide that enables me to express myself authentically, to develop a deeper understanding of others, of who and where they are.”

Antonio Monteiro

Co-Director, Carl Rogers Annual Conference

Unconditional acceptance is a challenge for many of us, as we come into contact with the judgmental and intolerant parts of ourselves which are activated by meeting individual differences.

“I want to be alive now—that is important, it’s not about what I leave behind. This is the flame, the fire I want to be—that is more than just being myself. I get to discover, to go on my discovery path. I disarm myself enough to become aware of my experiencing body, mind, and soul. I learn something new about my life-world, I/it are new.”

Carla Gerstein

VP Business Development, Education Transformations

We can observe the reactions that arise within us as we respond to others, the resistance that arises from within as we struggle to accept others in their uniqueness, difference and diversity, without needing or requiring them to change their way of being as a condition for acceptance.

“It is a place with others where I can also hear who they are, not in a judging mode. Treasuring and being with myself and others is a valuable and important experience.”

Elizabeth Wepsic

This makes our community a place where we can feel listened to and understood, express ourselves openly and authentically and feel fully accepted for who we are. It is a place to be together, to take risks. It is about accepting each other as we are, as being o.k. with that, not needing or trying to change anything about the other or about ourselves. Once I am o.k. with myself and can accept who I am, the process is free to continue and change is the inevitable outcome. Acceptance of ourselves and others opens the door to change. It is a process that is ever unfolding, ever moving.

“The flame of person-centered experience is not static, not frozen, it is a living, on-going, evolving thing. I am concerned with keeping the fire burning, alive. I want us to start a fire, a big fire. It’s all about transformation—individual, societal—while respecting those who are trying to keep the fire burning in their own way.”

Ray De Lagrave

Co-Director, Carl Rogers Annual Conference