A Way of Meeting Life

The work of Carl Rogers has been a major creative influence in the human potential movement, from which trans-personal psychology has emerged. Nevertheless, his brand of psychology remains person-oriented, and during the course of the following interview he was challenged by the questions on the trans-personal aspects and spiritual implications and possibilities of his work. Carl Rogers’ therapeutic attitude of “positive regard” allowed a probing dialog during the interview.

The late Carl Rogers, Ph.D., was involved for over fifty years in understanding and facilitating the process of personality and behavior change in individuals and groups. He was responsible for the development of client-centered therapy, which is non-Freudian in its approach arid depends on the attitude of “unconditional positive regard” in the therapist. He was also a major influence in the development of processes and techniques of group therapy. He authored numerous books, including Client-Centered Therapy, On Becoming a Person, and A Way of Being.



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