Conversations with Carl Rogers

A panel of Dr. Maureen O’Hara, Dr. Maria Bowen, Dr. Bob Lee and Dr. Michael Reed discuss with Carl Rogers his Person-Centered Approach. These studio-quality DVD’s are easy to follow and give a good overview of Rogers’ work and influence. Six, thirty-minute segments come on two DVD’s.

  • Topics of DVD “A”:
    • Beginnings of psychotherapy, differences between psychotherapy and counseling, non-directivity as a practice, the shift of power from therapist to client
    • Influences on the work of Carl Rogers, the encounter group activity
    • Person-Centered Approach in Education
  • Topics of DVD “B”:
    • Assessing competence in therapeutic counseling
    • Extensions of Carl Rogers’ work to other venues and fields
    • A new understanding of human beings

180 Minutes



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