CR2021 Interim Conference

Uncovering the mystery of Encounter Groups

An experiential and conceptual exploration and dialogue

March 20-21, 2021 – via Zoom

We are pleased to announce our upcoming interim conference, which will provide a safe space to join together for Community and support during our continuing Corona-isolation.

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We are pleased to announce our upcoming interim conference, which will provide a safe space to join together for Community and Support during our continuing Corona-isolation. The Encounter Group process is central to the way we seek to be with and interact with one another at the Center for Studies of the Person (CSP).

Even those familiar with the structure may have questions as to how the process unfolds for the best results, and what the role of the facilitator is in what is essentially an unstructured activity.

We intend to help participants unlock some of these mysteries through an interactive 2-day experience that will blend experiential, cognitive and conceptual process. Our meetings will be a mix of Small group and Large group dialogue, discussion and Encounter.

We will kick-off our first session with the showing of Unconditional Positive Dialogue, a 1 hour 10 minute minute video which provides an excellent and compelling look at an Encounter group in full process. The video is edited from a 16 Hour Encounter held in La Jolla, California in 1992.

To accommodate participants from around the world, the conference will run on Saturday and Sunday, March 20 – 21, from 6AM to 1PM PST, with a one hour break 9 to 10AM.

Conference Schedule

March 20, 2021

6AM – 7:30AM

7:30AM – 8:30AM

8:30AM – 9AM

9AM – 10AM

Unconditional Positive Dialogue Video

A Video of CSP

( 1hr 10 Min. of video from an encounter held in La Jolla, California,1992). These excerpts provide a compelling look at an Encounter group in full process as they are dealing with feelings, listening to and supporting one another, while a key member is absent as is dying in the hospital.

Large Group Sharing 

Sharing of your experience of the video A cognitive/conceptual and experiential exploration/dialogue. What behaviors moved the process forward. Seen from INSIDE AND OUTSIDE the participants.

Small Group Sharing

Small Group sharing of your experience of the video – talk about their experience of the video (going within) – an INSIDE AND OUTSIDE look.


10AM – 11:30PM

11:30AM – 1PM

Small Group Encounter

Large Group Dialogue

Exploring the Meaning of Encounter:

    • What types of Encounter Groups have you attended?
    • How do you define Encounter?
    • What do you hope to get out of an Encounter Group?
    • When has an Encounter group meant the most to you?
    • When has it not had meaning for you?

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  1. Dr Valois Robichaud, PCA, gerontologist.

    I have had that vivid experience, being in relation with colleagues from all around the world. I felt, as if I was with each other, in one to one relation, while using the technology-zoom. I was able to go beyond my fear, and technical hesitation; in fact, I was able to communicate and relate. The human being is an adaptative creature. I believe in his creativity and love for the humanity in which we live and belong.

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