Encounter: Story, Self, Metaphor, Person

Individuals are invited to the kind of Encounter Groups referenced in this article with language such as this: ‘We sit together in a circle, using the opportunity to talk and otherwise communicate. Our aim is to understand and experience our personal relatedness to happenings that concern us. Our conversations are essentially sincere but not without humor. People actually listen, and we hear ourselves as who we more deeply and subtly are. We come to know our lives better and meet other people in a more significant and heartfelt way.’ The author’s most extensive experience has been with nonprofessionals and people from the helping professions. For the most part, these groups of a few hours to a week, are organized around participants’ individually personal intentions. In these facilitated or non-facilitated Person-Centered groups all participants make interactive negotiated entry with others into a process that has the potential for their experiencing a dis-solving-and-coming-to-be of their selves. Their participation may lead to counter-intentional outcomes.



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